Honey Bee Swarm Collection

Do you have a honey bee swarm on your property? I can remove it and get it to a safe new home where it can continue to do it's vital work, Pollination.  I am a member of the Preservation Beekeeping Counsil and we strive to: Preserve and support the natural behavior of wild honeybees through practices that allow our bees their "bee-ness". Send me a text if you see a swarm. 360 606 7062 or call.

If you are interested in finding out more about Preservation Bee Keeping click the link below.

Home Repair and maintenance


I have years of carpentry experience, so I've seen a lot. From small projects to big ones. I can help you out with just a simple handrail or deck repair to an outbuilding project. I am also more than happy to answer any of your questions along the way.


Home repairs can be something as simple as a sticky door or something bigger like dry rot. Big or small I can offer fixes that will make your home beautiful and safe again. I know how overwhelming this stuff can be. But, I'm here to help you and your family figure it all out in a quick and efficient manner.


1 sharp tool



Do you need a bit of paint to spruce up a room or are you thinking bigger. How about a shed or even a sauna? Whether it's a small repair or a big one no job is to odd. Call me with your list of odd jobs...It's what I do!

Mobile Tool Sharpening

I still offer tool sharpening and can come to your home or office and put a beautiful sharp edge on all your kitchen and garden tools.

Also I have a fundraiser program for your organization that does not require all your time selling candy or holiday gifts. Give me a call and lets raise some money for your group.

odd jobs

odder jobs

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