Another Outhouse?

Another wood fired Sauna ready for siding.

Add an opening to dining room

Add private storage to an unused space

under the stairs.


Add a door to a pantry.

A simple surround for an unsightly tank

Tile counter top

Wind won't blow this good neighbor fence down.

Cozy wood fired Sauna

An Outhouse?

Recent projects.

Add some bold into your life.

1 sharp tool

Open up a wall, adding a mid-centery arch.

Add a handrail for safety.

Functional Art Garden Gate

Beautiful, durable lattice for plants

Handyman Services

They call me a "handyman" that means I can do a lot of stuff. Not everything but a lot. And because I care about your projects and my reputation I will let you know when I can't do something. A couple things I am not licensed to do is electrical work and plumbing. But other than that if you are thinking about a project call me today and lets get it taken care of. My Washington license number is WA1sharst852ka.

I could sit here for hours.